About the Course

        On both sides of the Atlantic, modern nation states struggle with issues of identity preservation and reconstruction, with dueling desires for accommodation of immigrant populations and isolationism, and, most critically, with questions of how to preserve core values of civil society in the face of differing and deeply embodied religious beliefs and practices.  Over the course of four weeks students will travel through the Netherlands (Amsterdam, Utrecht, Leiden, and The Hague), Germany (Köln, Berlin and environs), and then conclude with a week in Washington, DC.
        This course has been designed for UCEAP’s 50th anniversary in explicit recognition of a principal goal of international education: the hope that students bring their expanded global awareness back home and form an enlightened public.  By including a final week in our nation’s capital, as well as by visiting European sites that impinge on American consciousness and history (Pilgrims in the Netherlands prior to sailing from England to America, armed forces in both world wars) and by introducing issues that mirror, even obliquely, current debates in the US (immigration, Islamophobia, the religious identity—or lack thereof—of the nation), the course will constantly encourage comparison and thoughtful contrastive critique of both home and host countries.  In general, one day a week is devoted to travel and/or free time.  Several optional excursions are planned as well.

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