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Photo by Shady Grove Oliver

YES!  It’s almost time to fly to the Netherlands!  We’ve had a few questions from some of you that others might have as well…

1. If I want to travel during my free weekend, do I need to book that trip before I leave the US?

*No, you do not.  It’s likely the prices of flights/buses/trains will be the same now and in a week (or longer) so you shouldn’t miss any special deals.  When you get here, your intro packet will have useful websites and other info about inter-Europe travel, along with a revised syllabus.

2. Do I need to declare medications I’m bringing when I go through customs in Amsterdam?

*No, you do not.  Both over-the-counter medications and prescription medications are OK to bring and do not need to be declared.  You should be able to pass through the NIETS AAN TE GEVEN / NOTHING TO DECLARE line at Schipol Airport.

3.  What do I need to declare?

*You need to declare items such as firearms and controlled substances (not prescriptions) so none of you should have that issue.  You are no longer allowed to bring meat or vegetables from any non-European Union country into the Netherlands (even if it was purchased on an airplane or in an airport that is non-EU).  If you have any meat or veggies from the USA, leave them behind or eat them because if they are declared, they’ll be confiscated.

4.  Do I need to change money before I arrive?

*No, you do not.  When I meet you at Schipol, I’ll take you past the airport bank and you can do it at that time.


If you’ve got any other questions, feel free to ask.  See you all soon!