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As you may have already read on the Facebook page or Twitter feed [@EAP50thNyitray], there have been some questions about the financial aid situation with regard to this summer course.


EAP has confirmed that although this is a 9-unit course, it will be counted for financial aid purposes as if it’s a full 12-unit load course. ┬áThat means you’d be eligible for FULL financial aid for this summer.

For those of you from UC Berkeley and UC Merced who are on the semester system (rather than the quarter system like the rest of the UCs), provisions will be made so that you can return to your home campuses in time for the start of Fall semester.

We hope this news brings a big sigh of relief for some of you and we look forward to seeing you this summer!

Remember, the application deadline is April 1st.  To apply, create a MyEAP profile, choose this course from the dropdown menu, and continue with the online application.